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On behalf of the entire Kempenfelt Bay School community, I’d like to welcome you to our website and invite you to explore it as an introduction to the opportunities KBS can offer to your family.  At the same time, let me warn you that a website is quite static while a school is quite dynamic and thus I strongly encourage you, after looking over this site, to consider a visit to the school.  Honestly, a visit is the only way to get a true feel for the educational environment that will support your objectives as a parent.

I must confess, at the outset, a few personal biases.  I did all of my personal schooling in the public system and began my teaching career there.  I have many colleagues in the public system that I respect and who work diligently to support students with whom they interact.  I never talk about the public or private system being better or worse than each other, but they are very different and the decision any parent must make regarding the educational options for their child(ren) must be based on understanding the differences between available options and determining which option best serves the needs of the child(ren) and the goals of the parents.  Here are the major differences you’ll find at KBS from most schools you will visit:

1) KBS has classes of twenty or less students at all grade levels.  Personal attention and support is an essential element of our teaching philosophy.

2) KBS students have daily exposure to French instruction, physical activity and arts instruction.  The core skills of academic work are very important but so, too, is a balanced education that develops the creative mind and a healthy lifestyle.

3) KBS is the only English-speaking Middle School International Baccalaureate Program in Simcoe County.  The IB programme utilizes the most effective teaching standards in the world and promotes an inquiry-based approach to learning and global awareness.

4) KBS has short, daily assemblies for all students that are led by students.  These assemblies ensure consistent character development and leadership opportunities while creating a sense of community for all students.

5) KBS places a strong emphasis on personal presentation skills both through public speaking and technological tools.  Expressing well-researched ideas confidently and articulately serves to build independence and self-advocacy, essential skills for success in secondary school and beyond.

Again, I encourage you to visit the school and see what a purposeful, calm, safe and nurturing learning environment exists within the school.  If it is your desire to see your children develop competence and independence in learning skills, confidence in personal presentations and challenges, character development  that will support the values and ethics you practice and that you know will serve them well in life, and grow and develop in a community that shares the goals of a strong and balanced education, then you owe it to yourself to see what we have to offer.

I look forward to speaking to you, in person, about the KBS difference!

Graham Hookey

Head of School

Parenting is a Team Sport

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