Our Programme Objectives

The overall objective of the academic programme at KBS is to prepare students to be independent life-long learners who have experienced, and appreciate, academic, artistic and athletic opportunities in a balance education.

Our main objective for our primary students is to ensure they have strong basic skills in reading, writing and numeracy, so that as they progress through the school years, they will have the competence and confidence necessary to enjoy the learning experiences. Primary students are also exposed to specialty teachers in French, art, music and daily physical education so that they receive enriched instruction and learn to adapt to differing instructional styles.

In Grades 3 to 5, the emphasis of our programme is on developing good study skills and personal management skills. Students learn to organize their notebooks and materials, take notes from written and verbal presentations, take on research in a systematic series of steps, and present their work through a variety of written, oral and technological methods. Instrumental music begins in Grade 3 and the richness of specialty teachers in music, art, French and physical education continues.

The Grade 6 to 8 programme utilizes the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Programme. A more detailed description of this internationally recognized learning framework is included on this page on our website.

KBS graduates are prepared to tackle the most challenging courses in public or private high schools, with the intent of having them accept the challenge of preparing for a four-year university programme in their future. With that goal in mind, it opens up every opportunity for post-secondary study as students grow and develop through high school and pursue a passion for continued learning.


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